New Years Resolution: Exercise Your Brain

  • January 6, 2023

New Year’s Resolution: Try the 2-5-7 Method for Exercising your Brain.

Our Mahjong & Line Dancing Co-ordinator Annie Lai, sent in this article, summarising a recent ABC Documentary titled “Our Brain”.

Thank you for this information, Annie.

Dr Sandra Bond Chapman has some core strategies for brain health.

The 2:5:7 approach can bolster our brains in just a few weeks!

Try 2 x 45 minute “Deep Thinking” sessions per day. Examples include crosswords, card games and puzzles.

Take a 5 minute break 5 times per day. Put your brain in neutral during these times, with no
directed thought. [Editor: Don’t think I’ll have a problem with this one!]

Try 7 new things each day. This can be as simple as reading a news article, listening to a
different piece of music or taking a walk in a different location. Other options could be joining in a different activity or making new friends. [this is where the Club comes in!]